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    Shell Helix Ultra 5w-40 - Quality, Thoughts?

    Had similar issue with the SHU 5w-40. Also was thicking going to the SHU 0w-40 but that oil didnt have the Porsche approval. So i did move to M1 0w-40. So far no issue with the M1.
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    WRX - Fear of Red Line 5W40 in Chicago Winter

    RU video is pointless at this point. Dont even know what oil and formula it is. Just speculations. Well time will tell, just like i said above msds dont mach pds. Not even the viscosity at 40C and 100C. Scandinavian M1 dont show any gtl in their msds on the 0w-40. What is right and what is...
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    WRX - Fear of Red Line 5W40 in Chicago Winter

    and you are 100% sure that is the updated version? why would msds show -40C if it would be -60? while other M1 products can show for example -45 in their msds🤷
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    WRX - Fear of Red Line 5W40 in Chicago Winter

    exactly the same like the Finnish version, read the msds and compere the specs, they do not mach. Also the pour point its not -60. Its -40C
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    WRX - Fear of Red Line 5W40 in Chicago Winter

    Finnish page show 3.6 hths before the update in the formula. And that oil is thinner than the updated version so my guess is, the hths is a little bit more since its thicker than the old version🤔
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    WRX - Fear of Red Line 5W40 in Chicago Winter

    still waiting for mobil to update typical specs for the 0w-40 since the msds do not mach it. Think the hths is a little more than before. its 13.81 cSt at 100C after the update.
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    WRX - Fear of Red Line 5W40 in Chicago Winter

    not any more according to the latest msds
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    Ferrari unveils new management team to face electrification challenge

    not really.. they face sanctions if they do not say they go "green" . Thats why every auto makers say they will phase out ice to avoid to pay penalty bills. Have to remember the germans run this party in EU... All this EV nonsens started with VW here in EU
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    US is top LNG exporter

    Thats good news👍, Eu is buying alot right now. Hope EU will wake up and close all natural gas pipe line coming from Russia.
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    22 dead in Pakistan after being stuck in their cars during cold temperatures

    Read about this... very sad. But they do not have much experience when it comes to cold temperatures and snow.
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    2012 Infiniti FX50s M1 0w40 ~9K miles

    Good oil and strong tbn after 9k.But i would check the air filtration
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    What Factors Are Swaying EV Adoption in the U.S.?

    Thats true, battery and charging connectors to the ev car is a problem in colder climats without garage. Getting snow and ice in them and they get stuck or broken. Now replace them is very expensive. Also the VW ID3 for example you will avoid the warranty if the car is parked in -30C for 24h...
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    F-22 Raptor Might Be In Trouble

    Chaina claims much, only a war will prove that. Small country like Finland did buy 64 F-35. And after that Russia bombing Finland with propoganda. So i can image a US Air Force F-35 with even more tech can do😁