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    Oil For Very Hard Driven 05 Mustang Gt

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Clyde65: <strong> <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Androdz: <strong> So back to the topic I was told by my motul dealer that the reason why most automanufacturers use 5w-20 is because it is less viscousity and gives higher mpg but at the...
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    Nissan Titan oil question

    <img border="0" alt="[Off Topic!]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/offtopic.gif" /> Why do people keep saying M1 5w-30 is thin? Did they not get the memo?... <img border="0" alt="[I dont know]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/dunno.gif" />
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    maxlife synthetic

    *jumps up and down waving hands* OH, OH, ME ME ME!!! Can I do it!!?? <img border="0" alt="[Happy]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/fruit.gif" /> <img border="0" alt="[LOL!]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/lol.gif" /> <img border="0" title="" alt="[Razz]"...
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    Recommend A 5w-20 Oil for Ford Duratec 3.0 L ?

    I agree with the MoCraft oil and filter recommendation. Solid oil and filter for a good price, good for 5K OCI's which I believe is the max warranty interval, as others have stated. Of course if you can pick up any major brand 5w-20 on sale, I'd go for that as well.
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    Well i did it...

    You dont have to waste the Amsoil. Just put it in a clean drain pan bucket thingy, then pour it into the empty Maxlife containers. No harm done.
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    next thicker oil past 10w30?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by WishIhadatruck: <strong> I would try the auto-rx also. I'm currently going through 2 cleaning cycles on my '96 Roadmaster Wagon. Clyde65, I can't believe you're pushing Castrol GTX HM instead of Maxlife. What happened? </strong><hr...
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    Oil for an 88 IROC Camaro

    <img border="0" alt="[crushedcar]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/crushedcar.gif" /> .......... <img border="0" title="" alt="[Frown]" src="images/icons/frown.gif" />
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    2000 Ford Focus ZX3 manual oil/filter recommendations

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by JBrian: <strong> I’d love to run the same 5W-20 Castrol Syntec as I run in my Honda’s if that is safe. That makes it easy for me to ‘stock’ only one oil. </strong><hr /></blockquote>That'll work. Stock up and be happy <img border="0" title=""...
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    The Sacrificial Quart

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Auto-Union: <strong> The way to flush is with some cheap oil, put it in to normal fill and run for 5 min to a whole day. Save the flush oil and use it the same way a few more times. Totally clean to start an oci for about $1 an OC. </strong><hr...
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    Switching to M1 on 84k jetta

    That does it Clyde...I'm organizing an intervention <img border="0" title="" alt="[Big Grin]" src="images/icons/grin.gif" />
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    The Sacrificial Quart

    I think that might be more like a half a quart. No I don't think it's a good idea, but then again I'm somewhat of a treehugger myself LOL...just kidding. But seriously, I think that's a complete waste of oil, even if it's $.49 store brand special.
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    Switching to M1 on 84k jetta

    Yeah, but I'd be a bit weary of the condition of the oil when purchased. You say he had to maintain it for warranty reasons, but the fact that it's still running doesn't necessarily mean he followed a strict maintainance schedule. Maybe there's no sludge in it, but for some reason I think it...
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    Switching to M1 on 84k jetta

    I'd Auto-Rx it personally. No telling what OCI's (or oil) the previous 2 owners used. After that then go for it. If you don't want to do Auto-Rx, then you could try syn, but watch for leaks and/or increased consumption.
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    Viscosity recomendations for Nissan VQ4.0L. Opinions wanted.

    Me, I'd stick to a thicker 5w-30 as opposed to diving head first into a 40 wt. If you plan on doing extended OCI's and are worried about the oil thickening (which obviously you are since you are planning on Amsoil [not a knock on Amsoil]) then I'd just run what is recommended. I think the VQ's...
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    Castrol HM in old Olds

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Originally posted by Clyde65: <strong> Why are you running a 10W-30 oil in a 1967 Olds Cutlass anyway? You should be running a minimum of straight 30 for break-in after a rebuild, then onto 10W-40. </strong><hr /></blockquote>That wouldn't happen to be....Maxlife 10w-40...