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    Head lamp Recommendations

    My headband has stretched too. What I like the most about the HL7 is the spotlight...bright in the center like it should be. Flood is very good too.
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    Head lamp Recommendations

    I have put a Coast HL7 305 Lumens(about $30) through many car repairs, fishing trips, and etc.. HL7 has a true spot light and flood by adjustment on the front. Light intensity is variable with a slide lever on the back that houses the batteries. I use rechargeable batteries, but always keep...
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    What's with all of the plastic trim on vehicles these days?

    Pretty sure he was not talking about $300 glass headlights.
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    Prestone’s push to 10 year coolants

    Dexcool was literally eating GM plastic intake gaskets. I know because I had one of those sludge monsters.
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    Getting paid online besides Paypal

    If you get paid with PayPal friends and family option, I don't think the charges can be reversed because there is no buyer protection. That's the way it use to work, but I would double check it!
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    How much better does a quality CPU cooler cool your CPU?

    Unless overclocking is involved, I have never had a cooling problem with the stock copper core Intel coolers with the push pins. The copper core Intel coolers made by Nidec are pretty dang good for a stock cooler, and is what I buy if the need arises.
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    McDonalds brings back McRib sandwich nationwide

    Most important sandwich of the year. Had one the other day...yummy.
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    Brake Bleeding

    Pneumatic brake bleeder kit from Harbor Freight has not failed me yet. Even did a 90 Volvo 240 that has ten bleeders no problem. Just need an air compressor.
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    Remembering your old TV days

    Back in the late 60's my dad would send me to the local store to pick up tubes for the TV. He was a radio man during the Korean war, so he knew how to fix the TV.
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    How much can you bench press?

    Be careful about going max weight. Once the rotator cuff tear problems start, it can become a big hindrance.
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    Grits. Yeah Or Nay?

    I like them with butter and salt or butter, salt, and a tad of sugar. Best I have ever eaten was in a restaurant in down town Atlanta. They fixed theirs with red-eye gravy, and I went for seconds.
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    NY Strip Steak

    Some times Porterhouse is cheaper, and it's supposed to have a bigger filet than t-bone. Either one is very good.
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    Turkey baking analysis

    Been buying Butterball for years following the instructions that come with the turkey, and it comes out great every time. I do stuff mine with Pepperidge Farm herb seasoned stuffing that I prepare according to the instructions. I make two packs, stuff the turkey, and then bake the rest in the...
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    McDonalds brings back McRib sandwich nationwide

    Like Tony the Tigers says, "They're grrreat!".
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    Can’t See the Forums

    Good call. Also, try a different browser on the computer. Edge or even Internet Explorer.