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    SuperTech oil packaging

    True .. . Interestingly... It was someone who wanted to kill someone related to them... And they knew if... It only happened to that person then it would be far easier for people to figure out what happened... Thus why that person put so many poisoned extra Tylenol bottles on the shelves...
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    10k snuck up on me today so I checked the oil

    Tundras are extremely well built and great trucks. The old T 100s Toyota made were outstanding too I believe. And Mobil 1 EP.... 0w20 is an outstanding oil for a very good price.
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    Subaru CVT oil change made simple.....

    This is a interesting point ^^^^^^^ How one is set up to run aka programming from ECM and combination with a well appointed motor and how one drives it makes a difference. My car still runs very, very well with 336,500 miles on it's orginal CVT with a 3.5 VQ.
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    SuperTech oil packaging

    You know the back story behind that Tylenol circumstance ??? Really quite interesting actually.
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    Canada - Marijuana now legal

    Exactly right ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Make a high tax rate...... No one.... And I mean no one wants to pay an extra 10, 20, 30, 35 percent. Whether it be growers, wholesalers, or end users.
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    Yes I am so stupid.

    In fact many, many, many people have what you have said here is the main issue. Thus why Prednisone has been extensively used in treatment for many people. And why some people... responded so well with hydroxychloroquine.... Like the 70+ year old patient with an EXTENSIVE respiratory history...
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    CAFE and the USE of Lower Viscosity Motor Oils

    Mine and yours is definitely bigger... :) We routinely cook and smoke meats with charcoal and hickory wood chunks or cherry wood chunks or mesquite wood chunks.
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    Motor Oil Articles Revisited, Chapter 1

    Useless to debate because it is exceptionally obvious to any casual observers that you are not correct in your ideas of what "w" means.
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    Would I regret buying these brake pads?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ A very insightful and very good idea here.
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    FRAM Drive 9688 w/pics $4.99 @AAP

    Glad I could make you laugh.... I see what you're saying here... It being raised vs imprinted. Still.... You did hit the circumstance very, very, very well though. Zee had me laughing one time with putting the video of Breaking the Law by Judas Priest up on one of our filter conversations...
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    FRAM Drive 9688 w/pics $4.99 @AAP

    Eagel Eye Sayjac.... Can see charcoal briquettes in the pitch dark no problem.... :LOL:
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    Home charging 110 vs 240 - Efficiency?

    UncleDave.... You are extremely smart.... Zero doubt about that.
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    Home charging 110 vs 240 - Efficiency?

    Your need to learn about electrical power and batteries... Battery University sponsored by Cadex is a great place to learn about the batteries... Read in that site about batteries.... And charging them..... EV charging, etc etc.... Learn about how certain very large batteries cannot be...
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    Now that I know about reaction scores I am obsessed.

    Holy cow ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Post of the YEAR thus far..... Absolute gold.... :LOL:
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    I Used to Visit BITOG Daily

    Gebo... don't let the negative ones get to you or get you down. One time I took issue with one member on here and I sent that individual a pm and gave him my phone number. Yeah... I'm like let's have a real conversation. You might be surprised. Never heard from that person. And on the oil...