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    Post your latest oil change

    My bad, I see you have the oil filter wrench -- I have the same one actually. Yeah, there is NO NEED to tighten the oil filters to that extent. Did this oil change go in the Subaru or Infiniti than?
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    Post your latest oil change

    The off filter seen better days. Need to invest in a filter wrench bud!!! ;)
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    Chevron Supreme 5w30 9.99 5qts walmart

    Just bought the 3 pack myself -- great price for darn good oil!!!! Subaru will indulge on this the next multiple oil changes. Nice slug of Moly also!!!
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    Do you warm up your car before taking off?

    Fire up what ever I decide to drive that morning, adjust the rear and side mirrors if need be. Set the radio station and drive nice and easy/speed limit for the first 5 miles or so. Acura & Subaru warm up fairly quick -- Old Dodge needs alittle more time before I can crank out some heat/defrost.
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    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    It and YOU are "all over the place!!!"
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    JT20's running Infiniti J30 condition assessment and maintenance thread

    Redundant thread to say the least!!!!
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    Good oil for annual mileage of 6-7k in Vulcan V6

    DO NOT over think this, Super Tech HM Full Synthetic 5W20 paired with your Motorcraft FL-400S or even a Super Tech Oil Filter that are rated for 10,000 miles now and American Made will serve you well annually for the mileage you mentioned and driving habits.
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    Cleaned up the boy's truck today.

    Good job guys, new rims are a much much improvement and like the look better after you removed the chrome also. Little things in life!!! ;)
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    2019 KIA Soul Plus Edition

    Awwwwwww, God love her!!!!
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    Thoughts on some Oil Burning.

    Why not give a 5W30 HM oil a shot? Even the Maxlife Syn Blend if you like Maxlife. Did you change the PCV?
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    Post your latest oil purchase or even filter.

    Luv that oil & the price to boot -- good job!!! ;)
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    Mower oil got thin

    I have the same Honda GVC 160 engine in mine but my mower is only 3 years old and has the auto choke. I use 5W30 synthetic and change annually with a new air filter.
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    If you had to choose only one

    Trav has been recommending Mobil 1 -- I would go with that.
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    Cord cutter

    Bud, its not that hard to get a Fire Stick and implement the options. Read up on it and use like I said earlier. Tell the wifey, " its going to be ok!!!" ;)
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    Cord cutter

    You can on a Fire Stick -- keep paying your cable bills and what do you have to show for it monthly??? LMAO --- I have no issues running Mobdro with my set up ---it ALL pertains to your download speed.