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    Mazda 3 just reached 300,000 miles

    im curious how often you changed the trans fliud
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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    btw,what is considered a abnormal oil consumption? i believe my car will use a third/quarter of a quart in 7500k miles tops. by now i did 4k miles on the ss and have zero oil consumption.
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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    thats why i bought a mazda,had German and American cars all my life,wanted a low mileage Japanese car for some peace of mind and the cx5 is as simple as it gets in today's terms.
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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    btw im at 30k miles now and will sell the car in 3years at 60k miles give or take.not planing long term ownership.
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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    i did but amsoil would say its ok because they sell it,im looking for unbiased facts.
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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    i will tell u whats my concern. i own a gdi(non turbo) 16.5 mazda cx5. i do 7500k miles a year of mostly very short trips,i wanted a robust oil that will handle once a year oci under those circumstances so i went with the ss by amsoil,now 7months later i discovered that the s.a is very high. is...
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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    it doesn't at all,knock wood.
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    sulfated ash (SA) content

    hi all, is sulfated ash (SA) content of a 1.22 is to high for a gdi engine that require an api sn oil? can it damage the converters? tnx.
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    Bringing Oil to Full Operating Temperature

    +1. and i dont know but maybe a hige tbn oil will be a good choce here?
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    Porsche 991.2 Carrera S (3.0 twin turbo - NOT the "Turbo" model) - switching to Liqui Moly, but which one?

    Porsche deservs ravenol,amsoil,redline,motul,m1 esp ex but liquimoly? respect the car get a top tier oil not an average,over hyped and over priced oil.
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    Toyota dealer uncertainty in the oil viscosity used

    thats exactly why i always watch whats going in my car,i stand near the car the whole time.dont trust nobody.
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    What oil are you folks using?

    the first and only guy on bitog to go 0%on the olm. i salute you strong character human.😃
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    Amsoil OE 5w30 for one year interval

    if hundreds of thousands Americans and others around the world wouldn't be dead from that virus that would be funny.
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    amsoil after 2k miles

    i bought the amsoil because i needed an oil that will hold one year of very short trips and possibly a lot of fuel dilution not because i tought it will be quiet and it wasnt until a week ago honestly. a lot of members wrote me that that's exactly what they experienced as well,after couple...