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    Oil temperature

    There is a kit out there I believe that has everything included from BMW for the 52s. I think it was more of an issue for the turbos, one of our customers tracks her 328xi and said she never saw above 2 ticks past the halfway, so I think the change would be negligible. Not worth the investment...
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    2015 RAM EcoDiesel 3.0L, 4,796mi, Valvoline Heavy Duty Maxlife 15w40

    I honestly would have never thought that the Mystik would outperform all of the other brands. If it didnt get so cold here I would be running that 15/40 in my diesel GL.
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    Oil temperature

    When BMW was having issues with their oil temps in the N52/54 before the oil cooler install update, they said 275 was max operating temp, and 300 was where the trouble started, so Ive always used that as a guide. My M cars never go above 210-220, my old A4 showed 205-210 constantly no matter...
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    Ammunition Cost Doubles

    SImmons sporting goods has been relatively fair throughout all this, 17.99 for 50 pack 9mm, free ship at 99.
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    Goodyear Brake Pads, Rotors, Calipers

    Looks great considering its US made. Anyone know the price penalty?
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    Found Ammo Today

    Simmons sporting goods has had a lot in stock online lately, found 50 packs of 9mm for 17.99, free shipping over 100$. Not great, but definitely better than some other places.Theyre allowing a certain amount of 20 pack/50 rds as well, so you can load up if youre ok with the price.
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    Gates High Pressure Power Steering hoses

    No issues at all whenever Ive used them.
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    ‘09 MB C300 Used

    Theyre pretty decent cars. Easy enough to swap the plugs and air filters out, the newer ones are alot harder. As long as it doesnt fall under the balance shaft problems, theyre pretty reliable. You can google the website that will run your VIN to show if its affected.
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    AAP Rotella Gas Truck Clearance

    I gave him a dolla
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    Should I replace condenser with compressor?

    Since there are no signs of internal failure, Id pass on the condenser unless it was a known failure point, or weak spot, like in a Jeep Liberty where most places force you to replace the whole system for warranty. Learned the hard way on one of those. Id always replace the receiver drier though.
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    Morons "rolling coal"

    We actually see them around here in NJ too, 10 miles from the bridge. Idiots just looking for attention or like Kira said compensating for something. Theres plenty of tunes out there for more power, but these guys just need people to look at them. My GL is tuned for 275 hp and 500 lb/ft and the...
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    High oil temps

    Although that is approaching the high end of the safe range, I really dont think anything was harmed. I would switch to a 40 weight and see if anything changes.
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    32 oz Stabil -$8.88- Amazon Cheaper than the 16 oz size.
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    Oil for New engine. COULD NOT MAKE THIS UP. All comments welcome

    Sounds like a very fair deal. I wouldnt worry about the oil either.
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    Rockauto Wholesaler Closeout

    Both wholesaler closeouts Ive ordered were CarQuest boxed. A Gates Timing belt kit, and a TYC fuel pump.