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    Tire separation

    Chris, never fear. With a 2% approval rating you have a great future in politics here in New Jersey. Go East young man!
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    Uses for fresh mozzarella?

    Ok, that looks good. A little greenery gives it a little boost. Parsley, basil, that sort of stuff. Or just keep as is. It’s your call. Anybody who can keep a Versa on the road like you can figure out a tomato salad.
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    Thread for photos that 100% do not violate any Terms Of Service, not political, not too lewd, no gas price pics etc.

    Well, at least he put up some some point.
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    Uses for fresh mozzarella?

    If you look up sausage stuffed shells with spinach you can find uses for the soft mozzarella you described. You’ll find the soft style is best used in a recipe that requires a bit of baking. You can skip the spinach if it’s not to your liking and just go with uncased sausage and assorted spices...
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    why doesn't my floor jack work?

    Better then the jack bleeding out of you. Get rid of it. How can you ever trust it? You’re life is worth $40, and probably a lot more.
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    Blinky Thing

    It’s cute and I get it but you’re still at the mercy of an uneducated, distracted and impatient group of motorists. I’ll take my chances 30,000 feet in the air traveling at 500 MPH before I would ever consider a ‘road trip.’
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    Scott Shop Towels - 6 Rolls/55 sh - for $7.48 @WM

    As kids get older gifts become more practical , such as yours. I’m sure they’ll be well received and appreciated.
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    Nonstop Running (8th day) for EU2000

    Just curious, how easy is it to get fuel? I served in Sabana Seca a long time ago. It seemed very rural even then. How do you get gas for your gen?
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    Scott Shop Towels - 6 Rolls/55 sh - for $7.48 @WM

    Nothing like getting Christmas shopping done early. Gee Dad, “shop towels?” You should’t have!🎁
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    The continuation of being dumped on in Restaurants needs to end.

    So true, I’m always underwhelmed when I try giving eating out another try. The food, not as good as I would get it home. The cost, not even close. The blowhard group sitting in the next booth, no thanks. The whole experience leaves me lacking and wondering how many meals I could buy for what I...
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    Newark Airport will no longer be a "New York City airport" according to IATA

    Now we finally agree on something. New Jersey residents are here only by an accident of birth. We are born here, our kids and grandkids are born here, we are obliged to live close to them and then we die here. I have NEVER heard of anybody packing up the family and moving TO New Jersey. But boy...
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    Newark Airport will no longer be a "New York City airport" according to IATA

    Yikes, didn’t mean to poke the bear. Let me explain it another way. If you lived in Central New Jersey and had to travel to your weekly anger management class and had the choice of an easy 30 minute ride up the NJ Turnpike to attend a class in Newark as opposed to an hour and a half to JFK to...
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    Meals on Wheels

    I get it. Humor sometimes crosses the line but I’m not one to rush the stage. Meals on Wheels deals every day with senior isolation and hunger. I wish they had come up with something more clever but I get it. It gets a head shake and an eye roll from me..not a hearty laugh..moving on
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    Newark Airport will no longer be a "New York City airport" according to IATA

    Geez. Leave Newark alone. I live in central NJ. Do you really think I want to shlep over to Laguardia or JFK because the lounge seats are better? Newark is a fast hour away for the majority of Central New Jersey. If you’re flying domestically it works just fine.