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    2009 Hyundai Veracruz has 2 filters listed.

    I've been seeing 2 separate oil filters listed for the 09 Veracruz. I'm afraid I may have been using the wrong filter from day 1. Fram lists the ch10515. I've been using the ch9999. I think they made a change halfway through the manufacturing year. I don't care about brands, just want the right...
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    Hyundai dealership won't change hyundai trans filt

    Trying to stick to the book on my wife's '09 Veracruz. Took it to the dealership for a trans fluid/filter change at 44,000. Maintenance dept said that they don't change the filter, only the fluid. I think that they know that the trans will last 100,000 miles (powertrain warranty) without much...