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    dirty injectors - necessarily obvious?

    I saw a three to four mpg drop in my Volvo 960 over about ten years. Didn't happen at once it was a slow drop off going from 29.5-29.75 down to mid twenty sixes on the highway. I was blaming the E10 for the drop. I always went with the cheapest gas I could find since it takes premium and has a...
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    Top Tier gas or regular & Techron

    I use to run the cheapest gas I could find for years. My old 97 Volvo 960 121K miles, the fuel mileage over the years dropped from 29.25-29.75 mpg highway to the mid 26's. I had been blaming the drop on E10 for years. With a friends recommendation, I threw in a bottle of Techron and switched...
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    Oil consumption even with high mileage oil?

    First before you start throwing money at a problem look for a reason. If it's going out the tail pipe look to see if you have a clogged PVC valve. Another issue with using conventional oil and this also applies with Synthetic oils is stuck coked up oil rings causing blow by. If you have some...
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    When to use Techron?

    I have a 97 Volvo 960 with 118K miles and over the last few years I started to see the fuel mileage drop off a little more year over year. The car before E10 use to pull 29.25-29.75 mpg and by June of this year I was getting 26.5-26.75 mpg on the highway which I blamed on the E10 gas. I did run...
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    Grocery shopping: where do you folks go?

    I do most of my shopping at either Aldi's or Trader Joe's.
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    d-loaded intel security true key,created problems

    I got that script problem running Windows 10 with Firefox and Adobe Flash player. The problem was with Firefox and the Adobe Flash player not playing well together. I got a couple of automatic updates and the problem disappeared.
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    Techron or Shell Gasoline?

    A few months ago I decided to try out a tank of Shell Premium in my 97 Volvo 960 118K miles and at the time I also added a bottle of Techron. Since I've owned it I'll admit to filling it up with the cheapest 91-93 octane I could find. I took it out for a ride and around 200 miles I noticed...
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    The M-14 rifle, and use and deployment of in USMC

    I own several versions of the AR-15 as well as M1A's (Semi auto M-14) and Armalite AR-10's. My favorite are my M1A's. The Armalite M4 and the SuperSASS both .308 7.62x52 are OK and yes they do hit everything you point them at, there is just something about the M1A's that just make them my...
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    Going To Florida From The East Coast- Secret Route

    In your situation the smart option is leave for Florida between 9:00 PM and 4:00 AM. I make runs to the south west coast of Fl. to Naples from Pittsburgh. I always leave at around 7:00 pm and never see any traffic all the way down. I-77 through Charlotte is the worse at rush hour so I make sure...
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    BITOG challenge - Value this classic Mustang

    Are you selling it? My brother owns a couple Mustangs including a 68 Shelby 350 and right now we're at the top of the market. He gives it another five to ten years before the sixties cars plateau and eventually drop in value. Oh sure there will always be those certain cars that will keep and...
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    Its coming here more and more

    This is how I take out my competitors. My biggest competitors are the chains and Franchises, they only survive because of low wage workers. When I advertise for an employee I always put in my pay scale, all benefits and hours in the ad. My competitors always and I mean always say in their ads...
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    Auto-Rx ..... SNAKE OIL or a real additive?

    I've used it with good results. I picked up an used Volvo 960 that had 66K on the clock with what I would call bare minimum maintenance. Dino oil changes from day one. My cams and rockers looked like someone poured chocolate syrup over them, then let it bake on. It wasn't sludge but a nasty...
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    Superbowl picks

    If Cam has the fun he had on Sunday Night, it is going to be a blow out game. Peyton is past his prime and I just don't think he is capable of pulling a win off against a team like Carolina. Carolina played Arizona like a dog plays with a stuffed toy.
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    Craigs list scams.

    I've had good luck on Craigslist. Like others have said you have to pay attention and be careful. I sold my moms car on it and annoyed a whole lot of people. Asked a fair price for the car since it only had 14K miles on it, was eight years old and dealer maintained. First guy that showed up...
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    Secret Service carries .357 Sig?

    Really? <a href="" target="_blank">357 Sig vs 357 Magnum</a> I'm a Colt Python owner so I know my .357 Magnums.