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    New TV

    measureman said: I use the smart TV features built in to my Samsung (couple years old) and I have no problems watching Prime,Netflix,Hulu and Disney. What advantage would Roku give me? I agree ^^^ With that said, some may like the new faster hardware performance of the latest Roku player. We...
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    How much are you paying for Homeowner's insurance?

    Its hard to compare insurance rates on anything, if not impossible. First there is location and the risk factor to the insurance company, second is your credit score (this is huge) next is if you had claims in the past (this is huge) Then there is structure type, construction materials ect. and...
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    My Honda Goldwing analysis

    ^^^ or transmission or clutch. I think its a non issue, not that high for a new engine and he has no one of the same engine to compare with.
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    replacing all spark plugs?

    SO that is what I would do and not think about it any further. Dealer fixed cylinder 1 issue with coil new coil and plug. Either one could have been defective. No reason what so ever to change the other 3 spark plugs, just like you wouldn't replace the other three coils.
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    Can GM Cars Go a Full Year on Full Synthetic?

    Once a year is fine. I still do twice a year on my wifes Mazda (Skyactive engine) But was just thinking as of the last oil change just past weekend that maybe I will push it further to maybe nine months. Last oil change only had 2000 miles on it. She works from home and now the car just goes to...
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    New TV

    Samsung recommends the following formula. Measure the distance in inches to the TV screen and divide by two. Example 120 inches to the TV Screen divided by 2 = 60 inch TV To me the above is the absolute smallest screen someone should go for, I think it is too small. I agree with this chart I...
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    Unlimited Wireless Plan = choose from ATT, Verizon or TMobile We pay, actual payment less then $71 a month, 3 lines, unlimited everything with 8gigs of high speed data per line. I’m a fan of ATT so that is who we chose.
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    Apple TV 4k .. good riddance

    We have Apple TV, free one year subscription, no issues but we use a 4K Roku players for it and also for Netflex, Amazon and Hulu streaming as well as tons of other channels. No need for any other devices Roku does it all. It’s a great device, just plug it into your HDMI
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    New TV

    I agree 100% and have longer then most Americans, I avoid all I can myself, however for this TV thread and the prices they are talking, not possible. Only higher end sets are made outside of China, almost all the major name brand manufacturers lower cost sets are made in China. Im pretty sure my...
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    Fresh Gas Pumps

    This came out some years ago and I was aware of it, even our local Murphy station at Walmart had "For Lease" sign up for the longest time while the Murphy station continued to operate, now here we are 2 years later, "For Lease" sign is down and Murphy still open. I assume Murphy struck a deal...
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    New TV

    I agree Pretty much like any low to mid low priced TV now are produced in China, on contract from major TV names and off brands.. Only the mid to high priced are made by the actual companies such as Samsung, LG ect Good news with a OON Walmart TV, if you dont like it, just return it. Hassle...
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    New TV

    The TCL 55s20 is on sale at Walmart on 11/11/20 for $148 not on Black Friday but is part of their Black Friday month long event. Also on that day is a OON 50 inch with built in Roku for $128 Plus of course my other post, a few posts up for 11/4 which features the 65 inch for $228.
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    Fresh Gas Pumps

    Gas is so cheap here I dont get too crazy about where I get it but mostly from Walmart/Murphy or Sams Club, also a local Shell is not much more. As of 10/27/20 gas cost from $1.65 to $1.80 as a high (actually Sams Club is at 1.62 right now)
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    Adobe Flash going away?

    There is a way around this, when clicking for the radar loop, at the top of the radar image you will see a link to your local weather. Click on that link and it will take you "back" to your local weather, scroll all the way down to the images, click on the radar and you will have full motion...
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    Dual boat batteries - one way down on water

    Game over once battery is low on water to the point of the plates being exposed.