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    No more Seal and Shine at Walmart?

    If there isn't a tag on the shelf for it the Wal Mart store you went to isn't carrying it any longer.
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    Central AC

    My Lennox furnace was awesome. It lasted 21 years with very little, except Filtrete 3M Filters every 90 days. At year 20 it needed a flame sensor. Unfortunately HVAC companies are starting to jack prices way up. My friend installs A/C units and according to him the standard mark-up is 30% or...
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    Water heater on/off?

    No set it to the "vacation " setting. Then turn it back up when home.
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    What is an Elementary Particle?

    Something that isn't a middle or High school particle? Sorry I couldn't resist.
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    The new text scam

    I had one ask me if " I was a certain person." I said no and they apologized.
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    They Got Me....Police Stop

    It had crossed my mind, however being on Navajo Nation land they have their own trial, judges etc. I am part Cherokee but don't look native anerican, and found out that the Navajo and Cherokee don't get along. I almost said my tribe will call your tribe.
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    EV's dime a dozen? I think everyone and his brother will be making them.

    I think with all of the EV start-ups it will be similar to gasoline manufacturers. Look at how many at the start of the early 1900s are now no longer in business. Horatio Jackson crossed the usa in a Winton Touring car.
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    They Got Me....Police Stop

    Don't feel too bad. About 10 years ago or so I drove down to visit my parents in Phoenix. On the way back in northern Arizona I hit a "fines double " spot. I immediately slow down to the 45 in a 65. I got pulled over by a Navajo State Police. I was told that I had a license plate cover. It...
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    New blower runs awful right out of the box

    Bolens yard machines and about 5 other brands are owned by the same conglomerate.
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    New blower runs awful right out of the box

    I purchased a Bolens string trimmer years ago. Even with a better sparkplug which helped it still was of terrible quality. After 3 years it stopped working. I went at the end of the year and picked up a Stihl fs-38 for $140. It's been an Amazing trimmer. Five years and it still runs great.
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    Wheel Refinishing?

    I'd hit up a couple of the local dealerships to see who they use. Gunmetal would look fantastic.
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    Strange stuff happens with a tornado....

    I've seen a green sky once living in Colorado. It was really Erie
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    Interesting little tidbit about Curly from the three stooges and dogs

    They were from a recent documentary the first to use sound effects. After really getting hit and slapped for two years. Curly Also limped as he accidentally shot himself in the foot.
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    Strange stuff happens with a tornado....

    When I lived in Douglasville Georgia as a kid in 1987 or so we had a large tornado. I snapped off a chunk of pine tree and impaled my neighbors house. I remember vividly the clean punched hole in their roof, hardware floor in the kitchen., and all the way into the basement.
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    Photo thread for tacky car mods

    I'll have to dig but..... when I was an emissions Inspector we had a 1993 Honda Accord come in with a total Betty Boop exterior and complete matching interior. I even saw it a couple of weeks ago.