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    Lets talk about Bourbon

    Eagle Rare is great for the price point. Being from Kentucky originally Bourbon is best from there. Living in Colorado now so many start-up "Colorado Bourbon " makers around just aren't the same
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    Water Spot Removal

    I'd use Stoners water spot remover before wheel cleaner. Some windows have uv coatings and high acidity can damage them.
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    WWYD - Customer won't pay for tranny swap

    Contact a lawyer, go gro. There
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    Anyone used Peddle to sell a car? (Or have suggestions)

    Your local junkyard is offering $240 wow around the Denver metro area you'd be lucky to get $80
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    How to clean oily film off windshield?

    Use invisible glass glass scrub. Its a thick liquid that rmoves oily grime, dirt. Chemicals and build-up on windshields.
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    2021 Tesla Model S, is it now the best Tesla choice?

    The only reason Tesla had a price cut is due to Lucid Motors in Casa Grande Arizona showing off their new and longer milage vehicle.
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    Idle Air control valve

    No codes. I'll hook it up again tomorrow and see. It's ran rough enough at idle that zi thought it would throw a check engine light by now.
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    What a difference a spark plug makes!

    Maybe generators are different but i ran some tests and compared an ngk plug vs an E3 and i consistently get more mowing time with the E3 plug.
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    Idle Air control valve

    My 2005 Dodge Neon is still running rough at idle especially warmed up. I've been digging around for a definitive answer and this seems to be a common problem with neons. The symptoms point to the iac valve, rough idle/ low idle and occasional rpm surging after starting in the morning. I'm...
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    RAM 700

    If they built it here they could avoid the 25% chicken tax. I think it would sell well.
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    Vehicle Sighting - 1957 Ford Ranchero

    Are there not alot of classic cars in the area?
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    Right to repair law(s) debate

    You should absolutely have the right to repair your vehicle. The automotive manufacturers are trying to confuse consumers. As long as you aren't trying to take source code or proprietary software and re-sell it for your personal gain then you should be able to wrench. There has been this...
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    Tires for 19” Mazda 6

    Is discount tire an option? I've always found competitive prices and great customer service.
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    VW Jetta GLI a year or two old&ACC

    Audi dropped all manual transmission options in 2017, so it would have to be a cpo. I know the mustang gt manual offered cruise but within certain limits.
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    Anyone with a Prius feedback?

    I worked for an independent dealership that specialized in "green" vehicles. We had several Prius. I don't think the back is large enough for two large dogs unless you fold the seat down. Consequently weren't the 2013ish 2014 generation the ones with the middle battery cells going bad? The...