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    Some households in Texas face electricity bills of $10,000

    Spoken like a true Yankee. I noticed you were from Chicago. :) I was born and raised in Louisiana, which was and still is a large natural gas producer. I vividly recall that people in Louisiana paid MORE for natural gas than the people in the Northeast during the years of regulated natural gas...
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    Reccomend gear oil please

    I think more people would use it if it were available in 1 quart containers, or at least I have not been able to find the Delo Synthetic XDM 80w-140 anywhere online. The Delo XDM 75w90 is readily available through Autozone (only via web order for me in Knoxville, TN). I called the Chevron...
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    Walmart has 80w90 Delo ESI gear oil....kinda

    Hello, I have seen several posts of old and recent asking where to buy Delo ESI gear oil. Walmart kinda has it. I say kinda since if you go to the Walmart site and search for delo esi gear oil, you will not find squat (nor in the stores). BUT, if you go a google search for delo esi and walmart...