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    2013 Chevy Traverse

    Greetings all, I just purchased a 2013 Chevy Traverse with 105,000 AWD 3.6 liter.. I havent looked at the background yet and I know the Traverse 100,000 service at the dealer runs about 600 bucks including a huge charge for spark plugs 300??? Can a outside repair shop do this right or is...
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    Head Gasket ???

    2002 Chevy Avalanche 161,000 5.3 liter I began losing coolant as presented to me by the Low coolant notification in the message center. I can smell coolant around the radiator area but see no leaks or any ground spots of coolant .. The amount is random. I lost 1/2 a gallon in 100 miles one...
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    16.4 MPG over 3 tanks .. Im happy with that for this engine . All fluids for sure will be changed as well as plugs .. So far so good
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    Got a Speeding Ticket today

    ask to see the calibration records of the radar used. I guarantee they wont be able to produce them Go to court.
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    no i will change all of it over time . Although the wires look brand new . O2 sensors should through a code and no lights are on.
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    Just purchased a used 2002 Avalanche with 157,000 . In the morning it took 3 turns of the key before it would start and this condition persisted for 3 days . I figured fuel regulator , Fuel filter or Pump. I dumped 32 ounces of marvels mystery oil in the gas drove for one day and ever since it...
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    suburban issues

    greetings, 2001 suburban . 192,500 miles. owned for 3 months or so and I have had a wet spot on the passenger floor from day one . Now the seal on the front window leaks during a hard rain and i thought that was it but this is like a puddle under the center of the front passenger side ...
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    blower control module

    so i replace it today on my 2001 suburban. Bam all is well accept for the very highest fan setting which instead of being high shuts the fan off completely . What did i miss or is this another issue ?
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    GM techs 2013 malibu

    Are you trying to tell me i should take it to the dealer even though the light is now out
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    GM techs 2013 malibu

    Well i took the gas cap off and retightened it. Today the light is off and all is normal. If it stays that way ... i cant imagine a gas cap setting off the traction light disabling the cruise control and then making everything all right .
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    GM techs 2013 malibu

    im hoping they will cover it .
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    GM techs 2013 malibu

    Wife said she has a reduced power message but acceleration was fine . I drove the car on 2 occasions and the engine light is on but i see no messages and it drives fine at this time .
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    Premium 91 Octane...

    I have owned a HHR with a 2.4 a chevy cruze with a 1.4 turbo and a malibu with a DI 2.4. I have had 2 people who are trained GM factory technicians that the cars computers are open to higher octane fuel and you will see a performance benefit that is measurable . That said I too had measurable...
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    GM techs 2013 malibu

    It is a Direct injection engine . The service advisor at on star said it was not a major problem and i could service it at my leisure when she gave me the code. However it does say that the fuel system is not covered to the 50,000 mile level or under the power train warranty either. Fuel pumps...
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    GM techs 2013 malibu

    41,400 miles engine code P228D Fuel pressure selenoid 1 control performance out of range to high ... Does this mean im looking at replacing a fuel pump on a car just out of warranty ?