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    Plumbing help on a shower isolation valve seat replacement

    I'm going to make another run at various stores today for possible long shank or tapered tools. I need about a 2 inch length at 9/16" or less to reach inside the vale seated piece. Grinding down shafts occurred to me. Though currently don't have a working bench grinder. Would have to do...
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    Plumbing help on a shower isolation valve seat replacement

    LOL. I went to a plumbing supply store first to find a replacement valve stem. They were not helpful. Told me they couldn't do anything w/o a brand name stamped on the valve. I went to the ACE hardware store and they found a replacement stem in the catalog in short order. Yeah, I could...
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    Plumbing help on a shower isolation valve seat replacement

    Those same stepped or slowly tapered valve seat wrenches are sold at hardware stores, many of them are ACE. Problem, is the center shaft of the tool is too thick. Before the stepped or tapered section can make it past the seat to the "wrench" point, the fat shank of that tool gets stuck on...
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    Plumbing help on a shower isolation valve seat replacement

    Been playing with this early 1960's or 1970's 1" shower valve for several days now to stop seat leak by....a gallon every couple of hours at first. Then after several attempts to fix it's up to around 1 gallon per hour. Probably an Eljer brand valve though not labeled. 4 spokes on the...
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    gm 88861800 manual fluid vs dexron 3

    The GM 88861800 for manual transmissions (such as the T56 and T45) has slightly more additives than your conventional based Dex III's. It's not that robust compared to the synthetic versions like Synchromax, Redline ATF D4, Amsoil ATF Torquedrive, or Mobil 1 ATF. Just be sure your...
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    What's your favorite wheel cleaner?

    Dawn dish washing soap in warm water.....with an old cotton sock.
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    check your dryer duct periodically!

    Just put your hand on the metal flashing every month or so. If the pipe starts to get cooler, you know it's plugging up and losing flow (or a heater element died). At the same time the top of your dryer will be getting hotter since it's not able to remove as much heat. Dryer top should be...
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    Well question

    Looks exactly like my surface well cap, dug out back in 1960. Over time that concrete gets attacked by the weather and slowly crumbles. My cylinder is a little taller though, about 18 inches off the ground. That cover weights a lot. I slide mine to expose the interior. Mine is about 18...
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    would you add an additional transmission cooler?

    190F is probably fine. Would be an issue if you were 30-60 deg hotter. Even if it gets hotter, you can always change the fluid more often since the break down will be faster at higher temps. You're lucky. My Ford AX4N just pulls around its own weight in a 2001 Lincoln with FWD and I'd...
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    Marvel Mystery Oil

    Works in my lawn mowers. No longer have any issues with cheap carbs fouling up. For that reason alone worth having. Toss a few ounces in my old car's gas tank every month or so.
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    To winterize or not?

    Last couple years I changed to fully draining the system by letting the mower run out of fuel. I do add MMO and Techron all the time to keep the system clean from deposits and parts all lubricated. Next season, starts on first pull....using 6 month old gas to boot. This current mower has...
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    Strong anti-oxidant and inflammation fighter. Blood pressure reducer as well. Since I've been eating 2 cloves a day for the past 11 yrs....I haven't been sick. Nothing wrong with daily garlic to keep what ails you at bay. The addition of onions brings out additional beneficial properties...
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    Honda DW-1 Not Synthetic..

    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted by David1</div><div class="ubbcode-body">.............I have heard for years people who have told me to try REDLINE D4 and now D6 is better and I would notice a huge difference in performance..... Well Im going to try it...
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    Cheapest route to a high performance car?

    Best bang for the buck are probably the 4th gen LS1 Camaro's and Firebirds....1998-2002....basically 350 hp from the factory....same engine as the Vettes of that same time. Tweak them a bit, upgrade suspension and you have a 400 hp beast similar to the GMMG cars of that era. Many nice ones...
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    Does gas get "stale"?

    Used some 87 octane pump gas I bought in October to fire up my push lawn mower last week. That's about 6 months. Fired up rapidly on the first pull. I didn't expect it to be that fast.