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    Help with a fan belt. TIA

    As mentioned earlier, if you remove relay or unplug compressor, as long as clutch/pulley bearing is good you will eliminate compressor operation without any issues. Compressor just becomes an idler. If pulley bearing is shot that won't work.
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    Mechanic Tears Down 300,000-Mile Toyota Prius Engine, Carbon Buildup Galore

    Regarding the earlier comment on the Cobalts. I daily drive an 05 bought new just turned 342K miles today. Other than shocks, struts, bent wheels, blown tires (we live in a rural area where some roads resemble surface of the moon) and a few batteries - I can count the repairs thru the years...
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    What do you think was the problem with this Ford Super Duty?

    2005 models of Super Duty F250/F350 went to coil spring/radius arm front suspension. 2004 down were front leaf. Probably a factor.
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    LLT 3.6L Timing Chains

    My 05 Cobalt now has 338K. Decided it was time to replace timing chain, tensioners and sprockets. Has been quiet until a few months ago - developed start-up rattle. Replaced original tensioner but that didn't make much difference. Guides, chains, sprockets look OK, nothing visibly broken...
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    more equinox

    My wife has a 2011 Equinox we bought new. Garage queen will hit 60K miles soon. She loves it. We wanted and found a loaded one with the 2.4 intentionally, have had such good luck with a 2.2 in an 05 Cobalt I'm hoping for the same, time will tell. No issues so far, although there was a...
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    Honda Accord Axle Options

    OEM either new or salvage. Long story if you want to read it. Son had a 2006 Cobalt he slid into curb on ice and among other things damaged cv shaft. Parts store new replacement seemed best option. Transaxle seal on that side had slight seep/leak afterwards. Replaced two-piece seal two...
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    Why Do We Complicate Things?

    05 Chevy Cobalt just turned 325K. Followed OLM since new usually down to 0% using whatever weight/brand (no dollar store stuff) I had bought on sale. Anything from recommended 5w-30 to 20w50 when that was all i had.
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    Working on your car

    I was interested in mechanical stuff from a very young age. Didn't have a lot growing up, when my first vehicle (72 C10 - still have it) broke I either was on foot or figured out how to repair it. Now at 50+ yrs old with 10+ vehicles plus a semi, coach and boat if I couldn't work on this stuff...
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    D rings for towing

    I have also put loop on 2" tow strap thru receiver tube captured by hitch pin.
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    Survey: Does gear oil smell TERRIBLE to you or just so-so?

    Doesn't smell bad to me (wife hates it though and knows exactly what it is by smell), although I'm one of those weirdos that loves the smell of diesel, crude, and gasoline is OK. Seems like it smelled better when I was a kid.
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    1989 Econoline 350 RV

    75/140 or 85/140 in rear axle. OEM temp thermostat, EFI will be much happier. New fan clutch excellent suggestion. Ford started using Dexron in C6 in late 70's - should be the spec for yours. I'd use 15w40 - that motorhome qualifies as severe use. Those 460's will run nearly forever if...
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    Adding 20W50 Mobil 1 V-TWIN for top off.

    I'm one of the few admittedly remaining 15w40/20w50 fans <img src="/forums/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="smile" title="smile" height="15" width="15" />
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    2019 Yukon Denali 6.2L L86 Oil/Filter Recommendation

    In response to one of the above posts - I was a fleet supervisor for UPS early 90's. Everything gas or diesel got bulk 15w40. May be different now. I personally wouldn't run Xw20 in anything. Yep I'm a dinosaur and not a CAFE fan. 5w30 is as low as I'd go - 5w40 or 15w40, even 15/20w50 in...
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    '78 F150 PS fluid

    I got a case of Motorcraft Type F from RockAuto a year or so ago for a really low price.
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    A Honda's Testimony

    I thought maybe it had a million miles. Nope. I've got a (gasp - GM) 05 Chevy Cobalt bought new now has 321K and everything works as should. Well almost - original front hub bearings still good but ABS sensor wires finally broken. And RR power door lock lazy.