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    Any other short changers out there?

    My wife’s Xterra gets 3500-4k miles and no more due to the timing chain issues these engines had. My 5.9 gas ram gets 2k simply because it hardly gets driven and is seeing a lot of blow by. I’ve never gone past 5k with my past vehicles but now that I daily a 2012 corolla i try to wait until...
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    Yessir. I work on anything from those large truck scales to small bench scales.
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    Work’s Canceled Tonight - 1st Oil Change Time on the 4Runner!

    I’m in North Alabama and seems everywhere is closing but I’ll probably still be working. I’m a scaleman and there’s always that one place that wants to run, except ice and scales don’t mix. Not much I can do for them but that won’t keep them from calling! If I get canceled I’ll be replacing an...
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    Battle of the cheap synthetic blends

    Chevron just because my brother is an engineer with them and I like to support family endeavors however insignificant my help might seem.
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    Your Major Annoyances on Your Car!??

    On my 2012 corolla s the original purchaser paid for that protective film on common wear areas(behind door handles, door edges, bumper cover under the trunk) and it looks like absolute garbage now. I definitely wouldn’t expect it to last that long and still look good but it’s an absolute...
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    1/2" Cordless Impact for home wrenching... Ryobi? Thanks in advance.

    So I actually did do research and found that to be true before I returned but I tried doing a tire rotation just to proof it out and it would intermittently not function when I pulled the trigger. I still want to love ryobi because they get great reviews and I can’t stand overpaying but this...
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    1/2" Cordless Impact for home wrenching... Ryobi? Thanks in advance.

    I bought this exact deal and mine was throwing sparks and working only every other trigger pull. Returned it and got the dewalt deal. 1/2 impact (899 model) with a 4ah battery for 200. It rocks.
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    Fleet motor oil

    My company fleet gets serviced at the local quick lube that uses exclusively valvoline. My 6.2L f350 gets conventional 5w20 every 90 days or 8500 miles, whichever comes first. It’s running strong at 140k, which I understand is still fairly young in terms of miles. I haven’t had any issues and I...
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    New Pennzoil full synthetic "Black Label"

    Right after i convert my fleet to PYB. lol @ me. So i guess itll be full synthetic now?
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    Asking for a friend, thinking to use "lightly used oil"

    My point was they would rather spend $10 on stop leak and ruin a cooling system than spend $30 on a gasket or something. Strictly an example. Never implied you could rebuild an engine for $20. And I wouldn’t wish one of my grandfathers cars on anyone! :ROFLMAO:
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    Asking for a friend, thinking to use "lightly used oil"

    Both of my grandfathers are this type of person and I can’t even deal with it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a very frugal guy(Dave Ramsey follower here). I’m a frequent flyer in the rebates and promotions thread, but dude spend the $20 on store brand oil and a super tech filter at the least. If you...
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    AAP Rotella Gas Truck Clearance

    It was tagged that way at my store but they did ring up $10 per jug
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    AAP Rotella Gas Truck Clearance

    Got 10 single quarts 0w20 and 2 5 quart jugs of 5w30. Also wore out AZ and TSC on their clearances a few months ago. If you walked in my garage you’d think I was a Rotella retailer.
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    13 Corolla U341E Filter

    I just recently did this on my 2012 corolla. ATP filter from amazon did great for me. Came with gasket and crush washer. I did 2 drain and fills prior and used lubegard red after pan drop and filter change. Shifts are more defined and quicker to me.
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    Anyone NOT have a problem with Jiffy Lube type places?

    I don't know how large the chain is but locally in North Alabama we have several "Express Oil Change" places. While I don't care for their prices, they do good work. They keep up the fleet at my work and I've had to use them a couple times. And if you have a specific filter you prefer, they...