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    Premium "conventional" or bargain "synthetic"

    The reason we have synthetic oils is thanks to aviation industry and the turbine engine. The invention/engineering of a Synthetic was to meet the demands of the jet age! That technology trickled down to the automotive...
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    New Quaker State and Pennzoil @ Walmart

    I haven't bought QS since 1997, but this junk was on clearance at my local WM for $2.78/qt. I bought about 20 quarts and will use it my Golf IV 2.0 and an old worn out 5.3 LS which it'll be more than good enough for. Would I run Wal-Mart oil in a newish Porsche? No way; but if you've got a...
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    Replacement windshield advice?

    Fuyao has been utter Garbage in my experience. I've had 4 of them in my 2006 Silverado since I've owned it. Does anyone know of another supplier? The first was installed at the dealer 8 years ago, the 2nd & 3rd were done by Safelite and the 4th I had an independent shop do. The indy guy said...
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    Off-Road CV Grease

    SWEPCO 101 Moly Grease Hands down this is the best grease for CV joints. I worked in a race shop and it's all we ever used.
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    Valvoline Maxilife ATF in GM tranny=problem?

    That stuff sucked in my 2001 Accord. After about 5,000 miles the tranny started acting up, I drained and filled w/M1 then but the Honda Stuff back in, tranny was never the same since adding the Maxlife, sold the car...
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    LOOK what MMO did to my pistons!!!!!!! and MORE!!

    Well I ran a 2 tanks of Shell Vpower w/4-6oz of Acetone through my tank, then a tank w/Techron (20oz bottle), and I'm about halfway down on a tank with 1/2qt of MMO. Well today I go to change my plugs/cap/rotor and when I pulled the plugs out of the car there was Zero oil or Carbon on the...
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    Auto-RX and X1-R???

    I just purchased 5 containers of Auto-Rx and when I got the Invoice it was sent for N.Nova Rd in Ormond Beach, FL (right down the street from where I used to work). Coincidentally the Oil Additive Company X1-R is based only a few miles south in Daytona Beach (on Bill France blvd). I'm curious...
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    Diesel rated oil in gas engine, Why Not?

    They probably said it because, it's not energy conserving rated. Political.
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    What to do with "lightly" used oil

    Drain it into a clean container and put it into another vehicle. A lot of Miata guys run 3K on M1 or GC then dump it into their Ford Trucks and stuff.
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    Is all Motorcraft oil a syntheic blend?

    I'm curious who makes the Motorcraft oil? I mean it has to be just some repackaging; right? I put some 5W-20 in my Girlfriends mother's Escape in exchange for a hair cut. Figured it was a fine oil for her application, and it was only $9.xx for a 5qt jug at O'Reilly's.
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    Difference between Mercedes-Benz spec 229.3 and 229.5

    I'm running the BC (Belgian Castrol) in my Mercedes, BC is also sold at Autozone and is a 5W-40 opposed to the 0W-30 GC. The 5W-40 states right on the FRONT in large print of the bottle that it meets MB229.3 and 229.5, it also meets BMW and VW specs as well. I run the GC in My Miata but the...
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    Help a newb, Green vs Gold?

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Having followed this product pretty closely (actually, both GC and M1), I'm convinced it's just a "right oil -- right engine" thing. Even the legendary GC is not right for all engines, some (a few) don't seem to react well to it (high strung 4 cyls come to mind). Anyway...
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    What filter are you using

    1992 Mazda Miata 1.6 inline 4 Purolater PureOne GC (Syntec) 0W-30 3,000miles 1982 Mercedes 280e 2.8 inline 6 Mann/Hengst Drop in Oil Filter BC (Syntec) 5W-40 (haven't had it long enough to change) 1995 Nissan Pathfinder 3.0L V-6 SuperTech (Champion Labs) Shell Rotella-T 5W-40 6 months apprx...
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    GC in my 280E Mercedes??

    ^ That's the oil I used to run in all my VWs and we ran in our Miata VW Race Cars, but the "Red Top" seems to not be available anylonger (at least around here). I picked up 8 Quarts of Belgian Castrol today the 5W-40 and am going to run that with a bottle of Motor-RX through it. I'm also going...
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    GC at AZ only??....

    <blockquote>quote:<hr />Syntec 0w-30. THAT'S RIGHT!! Non other than our beloved GC. I thought it was too good to be true so I checked the date code--M0501-- YES!! The GREEN!! <img border="0" alt="[Happy]" title="" src="/forums/graemlins/fruit.gif" /> <hr /></blockquote>I thought the...